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These short, easy-to-understand videos are like having Apologetics Experts on speed dial!




Ever been talking with a friend about God and suddenly wished you could call some kind of Apologetics-911? Then, a friendly expert would appear to rescue you with a short, clear answer!

Your wish is about to be granted! This post features three video series that address that exact problem! Here’s real help for answering questions about Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible! Continue reading

The Fastest Start to Internet Apologetics for even the Absolute Beginner!

“What are the Best Internet Apologetics Sites?”

I’ve been asked this question twice this week – so, even though it’s almost certainly been answered before, here’s a short list of 4 Gateway Sites for the absolute beginner:

The Poached Egg is a massive virtual library of searchable internet apologetics content. Updated several times daily. Easy to navigate; great place to start. I follow it on Twitter –@ThePoachedegg.

(Speaking of Twitter – try the hashtag, #apologetics for a live stream from the active apologetics community. And then, once you know you way around a bit, a really worthwhile twitter “follow” is Jim Wallace of Cold Case Christianity – he scans 400 apologetics blogs every day and posts links to the most useful ones. Follow @jwarnerwallace.) Continue reading

7 Prayer Lists for Apologists to Keep

“What the church needs today is not more or better machinery, not new organizations, or more novel methods; but men whom the Holy Spirit can use – men of prayer, men mighty in prayer.” – E.M. Bounds

woman-571715_1280The more we engage with unbelievers, skeptics, and a confused, chaotic culture, the more we become desperately aware that even our best intellectual efforts and most skilled rhetoric are not enough to change anything.

These difficulties drive us to pray.

We find that we need God, quite literally, every hour. But, beyond that kind of organic, need-based prayer, there may be some helpful ways for apologists to practice the discipline of prayer. What follows is my current seven-fold prayer strategy, focused specifically on my apologetics endeavors. I hope you’ll find something helpful:

#1. Truth – Take time to Celebrate the Great Truths of God
#2. Praise – Build Altars of Praise for Good News
#3. Hope – Cultivate Hope
#4. Comrades – Lift up Fellow Apologists
#5. The “Jury” – Intercede for specific Skeptics and Seekers
#6. Today’s Battles – Do Battle for the Issues and Opponents of the Gospel
#7. Society and Government – Pray for Revival Conditions Continue reading

Adventure; don’t settle: Inspiring Words for Jaded Apologists

Elixir #3 of 3: A Young Woman’s Poetic and Passionate Call to Live Dangerous, Colorful Livesmug-219844_1280

These beautifully written, galvanizing words took my heart on a soaring adventure over the whole earth, as if on the wings of a giant, friendly eagle!

From the pen of a 20-something young woman, comes a passionate call to always love adventure, and especially the Greatest Adventure of all.

Here’s the magical opening paragraph:

My Dear Children,
You want to set off over mountains hatted in mist and recover the golden hoards of kings. You want to sprout the magic beans and chase a splendid princess right into the heart of an adventure. You want to press through the wardrobe and shatter the wand in the hands of the witch, and go thundering after the white stag of wishes in the forest of forgotten things. You want get your hands on the giant’s heart. You want to come home cradled in an eagle’s talons. You want to take a little coracle over the white wall of foam at the end of the world….

Read the rest of it here

Thank you, Bryana Joy, for this stirring, most memorable piece of art.  My adventure-loving soul was awakened and thoroughly delighted by your words and thoughts.

This world,” said G.K. Chesterton, “can be made beautiful again by beholding it as a battlefield.” 
Do you see Apologetics as an adventure or a battle? Do you see it as being “of grand significance and laced with risks”?

More Refreshing Encounters for the Apologetics Soul

Good news from a far country – water to a thirsty soul.:

iced-tea-992838_1280Elixir #2 of 3: The Christian Thinkers Society and “UNanswered”
Just knowing there’s a Christian Thinkers Society put a smile on my face! I heard about it on Christian radio – which was also where I learned of its founder, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston. I’m always encouraged to hear about another Apologetics Champion – especially one fighting with all his might and winning victories. It’s those kinds of reports that keep us little guys going.
The particular battle line Dr. Johnston is fighting along most fiercely is the one that runs right down the middle of the church. There’s a real need for apologetics resources for people inside the church. In Johnston’s experience, believers’ questions are not quite the same as the questions of atheists, skeptics, and seekers – people outside the church.

Johnston and his team have gathered thousands (!) of questions from Christians who don’t have satisfying answers, either because they’re afraid to ask or because their church won’t or can’t answer. Christian bookstores, says Johnston, are also “answer-lite.” This is a serious problem, because faith questions that go unanswered are seeds of doubt that can grow into faith-wrecking weeds. Johnston’s book, “Unanswered,” doesn’t actually claim to have all the answers, but fills a gap in the market “to begin a healthy discussion in the church.” There are six categories of questions in the book, including the problems of God’s silence and of suffering, the paranormal, and mental health issues.

For the remaining categories, and to download the free first chapter of “Unanswered,” click here. 

What do you think of UNanswered?

Do you think Dr. Johnston is right and that we need to pay more attention to apologetics INside the Church – or, if you’re already engaged in such a ministry, what things are working well in your local church to meet such needs?

3 Refreshing Encounters to Revive your Apologetics Soul

Apologetics Soul, are you Weary and Troubled?

pencil-drawing-416438_1280Imagine, if you will, a cold, grey January in the wake of a lackluster end-of-year funding appeal season. Hypothetically, I mean. Suppose, further, that your blog stats are plummeting with the Dow, and the needle on your “Lives Changed” Meter still hasn’t budged. What if you’ve trudged the Truth Trail enough times to know that the only things out there are the same questions, the same lies, and the same lousy logic? Sigh. Your tired brain runs all night long like a hamster on the wheel of familiar arguments. Your dreams drone on with rehearsed rebuttals, endlessly shot down by the rhetoric of fools. The Church continues to flatline, even after “40 Days of Evil” on the planet and the now-deafening clamor of secular culture. The barbarians are at the gates and in the house and everywhere – and, still, she slumbers. What if you see that you’ve been chasing the wind? The wind that now whistles through your desolate soul? Wait! – don’t go!

At the Corner of Bleak & Blah
I started in that bleak place this year, my courage all leaked out and my mind spinning like summer tires on Wisconsin ice. But, I puttered around the virtual apologetics neighborhood anyway. I lurked on the edges of my usual haunts and sniffed at the apologetics content of my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I drove slowly by the mall of apologetics megasites. But I had no appetite for any of it. I was too tired to engage with new ideas and wearied by familiar ones.

From Smoldering to Sparkling
Then – I forget where – but something sparkling caught my eye. And, after that, another, and then a third. I pray that you’ll be refreshed by the passion and clarity of these writings. For me, the smoldering wick of my apologetics fervor has been fanned into flames by keeping company for a few moments with these noble souls. These are men and women who run with the horses, who have not bowed the knee to satan – and their example spurs me on toward love and good deeds.

Three Elixirs of Truth
 Elixir #1 of 3:lime-907124_1280  A Lifestyle of Peace:

Justin Steckbauer  is a passionate, powerful (and prolific) writer. He seems to be a man in a hurry – living an impossible number of lives simultaneously. He’s adamant that “a Christian today must be an activist,” which is just the kind of Braveheartish call to arms that resonates in my deep soul.

His posts are epic, with an impressive depth of research. For example, in Keystones to Christian Awakening: Reclaiming America in the Wake of a Progressive Nightmare, he lists 25 books that will help anyone know the now-buried truths about western civilization. Truths, he (rightly) says, that are hidden from a generation raised in “the pale orthodoxy of the public school and the secular university.” In the same epic post, he argues that, in order to effect “a bold transformation of our current culture,” we must be “creative, defiant, and dogged in our determination.” He lists five initial strategies, the first of which is, Be a Christian social media juggernaut. His second big-thinking strategy, to redeem Cable TV, includes a dream list of 12 Christian channels. Imagine! Useful tools you can grab from other posts are 50 Prayer Requests for 2016 and his side-by-side comparison of nine beliefs of the Christian Worldview and Current Society.

Thank you, Justin Steckbauer, for reminding me that our Christian Faith is vivacious among the pretenders. I remember now that our Christian Truth is redemptive and robust. The broken chords of my heart now vibrate once more. A simple song from long ago rises from the darkness to my lips:

“I’ll shout it from the mountain top
I want my world to know
The Lord of love has come to me
I want to pass it on.

What about you: What makes your Apologetics Soul weary?

How do you find refreshment when you’re at the Corner of Bleak & Blah?

For more Refreshing Encounters, Elixirs #2 and #3, click here and here.

Puddleglum Apologetics: Spiritual Discipline to Steady a Chap

grim-reaper-656083_1280To Resolve or Not to Resolve?
The New Year has chimed across the Globe, and, somewhat reluctantly, I’ll hop on the Resolution wagon, after all, and set some apologetics ministry goals.

Discouraging Reality
I’ll resist the strong urge to nap on the couch instead. A real temptation, because all those goal-setting questions and motivational memes are a bit exhausting and, between you and me, a long look back down the road of my apologetics journey reminds me that, in the words of CS Lewis’ melancholy Marsh-wiggles, “life isn’t all fricasseed frogs and eel pie.

Apologetics: just the thing to Ground you in Reality
To paraphrase mangle the words of the most famous marsh-wiggle of all, the cheerfully pessimistic Puddleglum, “Now a job like this – a journey across the landscape of unbelief, looking for a converts who probably don’t care, by way of arguments that have been ignored for eons – will be just the thing. If that doesn’t steady a chap, I don’t know what will.

The Apologist’s Irrevocable Call
Of course, it’s more than that. The siren call to apologetics ministry is more than a glum trudge across Christendom with the side-effect of personal spiritual and character growth. It’s not just a way to feed my mind and quiet my own soul. It’s more, even, than the deep adventure of diving into the great truths of God and pushing on the edges of wonder and eternity. The call to engage in aplogetics sounds in my soul –  because Goliath is out there, defying the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. Also, lost sheep are out there and the Shepherd teaches that even one of the 99 is worth the cost of rescue. William Lane Craig has argued that, although the number of people predisposed to come to Christ through apologetic arguments is tiny, they are the kind of people who have a disproportionate influence on others once they do. He also explains that “it is the broader task of Christian apologetics to help create and sustain a cultural milieu in which the Gospel can be heard as an intellectually viable option for thinking men and women.” It matters that we hold the line.

And so, my modest resolutions for 2016:

Resolved #1: Mobilize
To set out once more to discover ways to mobilize the 99% in the Church who aren’t using the hard-won apologetics resources available to them. (Hebrews 10:24)

Resolved #2: Be a Voice, however Small
To add my own voice to the growing chorus of those broadcasting the truth in a post-Christian culture permeated by the leaven of secularism. (John 1:23; Ephesians 6:14; 2 Timothy 4:2)

Resolved #3: Refresh and Succor 
To encourage, support, and refresh the dedicated band of apologists who defend and proclaim truth, each in their own spheres of influence. (1 Corinthians 16:18; Philemon 1:7).

pray silhoette sitA Prayer Before Setting Out

Father, I pray for my brother and sister apologists. I pray that you would prosper their ministries, provide for them, and help them to find their delight in you. Fill their hearts with the deep, glorious truths about yourself and the world that you have made.  You have invited us to ask and have promised to give generously the pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable wisdom from above, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, and without hypocrisy. Precious Heavenly Father, flood our minds and hearts with this wisdom!

Kindle in all of us a passion for your Word and compassion for people who are living in darkness. I pray that you would give us uncommon discernment and courage for these times. Help us to redeem the time, for the night is coming when no man can work. Remind us to be sober and vigilant, to not be taken in by the wiles of the devil or led astray by the sin that so easily entangles. Help us to make guarding our hearts a priority. We pray as your Son taught us: Lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil. Help us to persevere and to grow in grace as we contend for the faith once delivered to us. 

Finally, we pray that you would give us effective strategies and establish the work of our hands so that we can accomplish your purposes in our generation.

In Jesus’ strong and precious name,

“Apologetics for Cats” – clever clickbait or savvy strategy?

cat w glasses“Apologetics for Cats” emerged out of a {frustrated} brainstorm session while I was puzzling over the state of apologetics in the Church.

(So, of course I’m not actually going to write apologetics for cats – but see below.)

When I started this blogging journey, I noticed at once that there is a lot of creative, engaging apologetics content out there.

And, yet.

Even cat videos do better than Apologetics debates!
Even the big name faith defenders, aka, the Million Dollar Apologists, tend to have a mere few hundred to a few thousand “likes” on their videos and blog posts. {What chance do we One Dollar Apologists have??}

Popular science sites have ten times that; and, not surprisingly, entertainment, sport, and celebrity sites run close to a million views. Even cat videos do better than apologetics debates on, say, the origin and meaning of life!! {The two million cat videos on YouTube average something like 12K views each.}

Why aren’t more people using these resources?
Why is the Church ignoring these hard-won faith-defending resources?? Why aren’t more ordinary people engaging with the content?

Spoiler alert: I don’t have the answer
I have some guesses, but I haven’t solved the puzzle. Maybe there’s a question we’re missing? If people really are looking for cats and not the meaning of life, what can we do? We can’t say, “Here, read this book!” all day long – but what can we say instead?


My first Dead End
A year ago, confident and hopeful, I started this blog, excitedly heading down the Internet Highway to find and share useful apologetics content. I reasoned that if I could point busy, overwhelmed Christians to satisfying, field-tested answers, they’d confidently engage their neighbors on tough questions about faith. Conversion stories would begin to trickle in, Christians would grow bolder, hard-working apologists would be appreciated.

Road to Nowhere
But, I hadn’t traveled very far across the landscape of unbelief when I began to tire of the same old attacks on Christianity from skeptics. The landscape seemed littered with mangled logic, wrecked conversations, and piles of unread apologetics and theology books. The answers were available, but nobody seemed to have a real appetite for truth. Well, not nobody. But, few. Then, like annoying highway billboards, the same inflammatory rhetoric appeared all along this road to nowhere: the Bible is full of Contradictions; the Old Testament God is Genocidal; All Religions are the Same; Jesus Didn’t Claim to be God; Evolution has Disproven the Bible; You can be Good without God; Evil and Suffering disprove God….  All of these have been asked and answered.  Long ago, and thousands of times. This road was going nowhere.

Escape! {from the first Dead End}
Dismay began to seep into my soul as I watched internet skeptics circle like vultures over the carefully curated truths and patient explanations of Christian apologists. Fending them off seems to take so much energy and time. Still, dispiriting as all this has been, it’s to be expected. It is the nature of the battle – and only eternity will reveal the ultimate outcomes. The apologist-as-prophet is charged with proclaiming the truth, preparing and making a defense, not with converting anyone. That’s the province of the Holy Spirit. We can take comfort in the fact that God’s Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish its purpose. Apologists also understand that our ministry is a rubble-clearing, highway-straightening endeavor that can prepare the way for the Gospel. It is possible for noble souls such as we are to persevere, even on such short rations.

The second Dead End
But, as I chugged on down the road in search of apologetics gold, I made the mistake of glancing in my rear view mirror. And it is what I saw there that made me veer off into the Slough of Despond. Because what I saw was: nothing. Those busy, overwhelmed Christians weren’t eagerly following. They weren’t in pursuit of life-transforming truths to share with their neighbors, their children or even their own souls. Well, it wasn’t too surprising that nobody was following a beginning blogger, and I had strategies and mentors to help me with that. I could deal with that; it would just take time. But – the Big Name Apologists didn’t seem to have very big crowds either. Almost all of them were making funding appeals. And the highest social media engagement stats were in the low thousands. Worse, when I looked closely, the thin crowds following the Big Name Apologists seemed to look suspiciously like other apologists. Ordinary Christians seem to be abandoning the fight to a small band of dedicated apologists. Decades after CS Lewis, apologetics is still where the line is thinnest.

Still Stuck
Christianity is in trouble in America and the West; at the same time, we have better answers than ever before to age-old challenges to the faith. Science and archaeology are proving to be particularly powerful allies in the fight for truth. In a sense, we are, indeed, living in Strobel’s “golden age of apologetics” – we’re training more apologists and producing a wealth of creative resources to equip the Church. And, yet. Bible literacy is at a dismal low. So are are personal holiness and zeal for the Gospel. Virtually nobody shares their faith with their neighbor. The rising generation of Christians, we are told, is slipping away from us.

Still Puzzling
It’s obvious that the Church urgently needs apologetics training – the puzzle is, “How?” Everything I’ve thought of so far has been done. Simpler books on philosophy and theology have been written; books for kids have been written, resources and forums for parents have begun to appear; hundreds of thousands of short answers have been made available in blogs, videos, and podcasts. Contemporary analogies have been developed, and image-rich content made freely available. Apologetics schools and degrees have popped up, the apologetics blogosphere is expanding steadily, campus ministries and church training events are filling the calendar. Anyone with YouTube access can be mentored in the art of apologetic debate by watching the best minds and orators of our generation.

But, so far, only bona fide apologists and apologetics junkies seem to be able to tear themselves away from the internet’s two million cat videos.

As for me, for now, I’ll likely be found in the Slough, drafting Foundations of Feline Apologetics.

Let me know if you have a better idea.

 – Heather


Coming soon – tons of tools for building your faith-defending confidence!

archaeologist-clipart-ycoea7e9iJust to say I haven’t abandoned this site! I’m working hard behind the scenes, researching and thinking. I hope to emerge with a new format designed to better meet the needs of busy people looking for faith-defending resources that work. I anticipate launching by mid-October December.


Apologetics Road Trip

In the meantime, I post useful video and article links on Facebook and Twitter (@apoloJTXroad ), where a band of apologists is slowly building.

Hope to connect soon!
~ Heather
PS Please, do send me a note if you have thoughts on specific apologetics resources that you’d find useful. What are you looking for that you can’t find easily, or what do you like that there should be more of? 





One-Stop Apologetics: Visit these 6 Supersites today!


LocationBookmarksSTART HERE: Apologetics Supersites to Visit – and Bookmark

Want a fast track to finding faith-defending resources and practical help?

Here’s a list of a few great places to start. The first three sites, especially, will quickly bring you up to speed in two ways:

1. They feature the best answers for our times to all the main objections to Christianity, and

2. They analyze current events from a Biblical perspective to help you formulate well-thought out answers to challenges from secular society.

#1. The Poached Egg Greg West

This site is HUGE! It’s also continually updated with content from all over the internet. (Which leads me to a quick disclaimer – I don’t personally endorse every source linked to from the Poached Egg. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of excellent content of all kinds here.)

In the words of founder, Greg West: there is almost nothing this blog does not cover in terms of apologetics resources. (He’s right.) You’ll come away with something good every time you visit!

The Poached Egg is a Christian Worldview and Apologetics Journal, a huge, continually expanding virtual library of articles and essays compiled from all over Internet. The site derives its name from a famous C.S. Lewis quote in Mere Christianity in which Lewis said that a man who claimed to be God {but wasn’t} would be on a level with a man who said he was a poached egg.

I’d highly recommend following The Poached Egg on Twitter (@ThePoachedEgg), Facebook, or subscribing to the daily email digest or the monthly e-newsletter.

And the site’s YouTube Featured Channels is a fantastic gateway to the the best video content on multiple apologetics sites

#2. Apologetics 315 Brian Auten

An equally HUGE site, updated daily. Founded by Brian Auten in 2007, Apologetics 315 is “an accessible and growing repository of educational resources for the defense of the Christian faith.”

Another goal of the site is to serve as a means of networking within the apologetics community. To that end, Brian maintains a Directory of Christian Apologetics Blogs which you can access here.

There is way too much on this well-developed site to mention here, so I recommend that you check it out for yourself. Here are some highlights:

Interviews with 150 Christian apologists
– The 16 best Apologetics Podcasts and the Ultimate Apologetics mp3 Audio Page
– 12 free Apologetics Powerpoint Presentations
you can use!

#3. Cold Case Christianity J. Warner Wallace, “The Evidence Whisperer

This is a very active site, filled with fresh content several times a week. Content includes articles, video, podcasts, radio, and even TV broadcasts.

Former atheist and career homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace is absolutely passionate about what he terms Christian Case-Making. His passion is contagious and his resources are sharp and highly relevant for right now.

It’s worth following him on Twitter because he reads and scans 400 apologetics blogs every day and posts links to the best evidential articles – essentially a Christian “Drudge Report(News aggregation site run by Matt Drudge.).

A highlight is the development of innovative apologetics tools and practical tips for engaging skeptics.  For example, this post helps you see where someone who rejects Christianity is coming from so that you can better reach them with the truth. Another very useful and free resource is the Monthly Bible Insert which you can download here

#4. Probe.org

Probe has been answering apologetics questions for 40 years, and has amassed over 1,800 articles. The staff will also respond to emailed questions in the unlikely event the answer cannot be found in their database.

Probe is also featured on several radio stations and you can listen online or download mp3s of past broadcasts here.

A freebie on the site is a collection of downloadable Powerpoint presentations that you can access here. Topics include Christian Evidences, Bible Reliabily, Current Issues, and resources for children and teens.

#5. Truthbomb Apologetics   Faith Christian Fellowship Williamsport, Maryland

Not as huge as the Supersites, but a good collection of apologetics resources, mostly articles and some video. Founded in 2007, some highlghts are:

The Apologetics Arsenal – links to apologetics questions, organized alphabetically.
-The Free Apologetics e-Book library – great collection. Topics include apologetics, Christian living, logic, and philosophy.

Follow the site on twitter at @TBapologetics.

#6. The Christian Apologetics Alliance

Short, well-written blog posts on every conceivable apologetics topic. Go here for a full list of blog post categories on this site.

The CAA has an active social media presence (for one, a Facebook community of nearly 2,500 apologists where issues of the day and various apologetics issues are robustly debated).

Another feature is the free quarterly magazine, “Equipped”
Launched October, 2014. Themes of the first three volumes are, respectively, Evidence for the Existence of God, Evidence for the Existence of Jesus, and Evidence for the Resurrection.

(Note: For some reason, you’ll need to click on the title of each volume until you download the pdf. The first time you click on the title, it may take you to a screen that looks identical – just persevere and click on the title in the new screen.)

I’m so grateful for the gifted and passionate faith-defenders God has given to us in our times! I hope you will be encouraged and equipped by the resources they have developed.

Before we move on, I’d like to pray for these dedicated men and women – and for you:

Father, thank you for the men and women who love you and your people enough to do the hard work of contending for the truth. Thank you for their sacrifices of time and resources to make these materials available to the Church.

We ask that you would prosper them, protect them, and encourage them. Please give pray silhoette sitthem creative ideas for resources that can be used by ordinary people, give them favor with people both inside and outside the Church, and help them to be very discerning as they study and teach the truth.

Thank you so much that there IS truth, and that you’ve revealed it to us. Thank you that we have some firm ground to stand on in the midst of turbulent, uncertain times.

Father, I pray for myself and for the visitors to these sites: that our hearts and minds would be changed and strengthened by encountering truth and, especially, Truth in the form of your son, Jesus. I pray that you would make him precious to us as he is to you, and as we are to you.

I pray that we would know the truth more and more, and that it would keep setting us free until we are fully conformed to the image of Jesus. Thank you for this glorious hope!

Apologetics_RoadtripThanks for visiting! To send a message, use this Quick Contact box or simply leave a reply.