5 Steps to Resolving “Bible Errors” with Confidence

Got 3 minutes? Learn how to Easily Debunk the “Errors in the Bible” Myth!

In his lightning-quick, 3-minute video, packed with memorable and funny one-liners, Carl Kerby, founder of Reasons for Hope, teaches a simple way to check so-called “errors” in the Bible.

The method will work for any alleged Bible errors and will definitely build your confidence in handling these kinds of conversations.

Kerby’s “SiMPLe-C” (SMPL-C) is a mnemonic for the typical things that cause “errors.” I’ve put it here in print as a take-home when for you’re done watching the video. It’s new to me, and I really like it because it’s a simple way to remember the 5 steps to take when you’re in the middle of talking about the Bible with a skeptical friend. (Otherwise, it’s easy to forget something.) Here are the steps:

S – Spelling
M – Mistranslation
P – Perspective
L- Literal vs Figurative

C – Context

The video is part of Kerby’s, mythbusting series, deBunked. You can purchase videos like this at Reasons for Hope or book one of their speakers for your event. The deBunked series addresses some of the most common myths about Christianity and the Bible. The current listing is: There’s No Evidence for God, God Doesn’t Mean What He Says, The Bible is Unreliable Because It’s Full of Errors, I Can Have Real Hope Without God, As a Christian, I Don’t Need to Talk About Jesus, All Those Creatures Couldn’t Have Fit on Noah’s Ark, I Need to Earn My Salvation.

Carl and his team are doing some innovative stuff and are having a great impact on young people across the country. I’d like to pray for their ministry – that it would reach across the whole world to help young people all over the globe.

Because Jesus said that our agreement in prayer is powerful – would you agree with me in prayer on behalf of Reasons for Hope?

Father, thank you for the ministry of Reasons for Hope. Thanks for providing the means and for inspiring the creative ideas here. Thanks for giving Carl Kerby the vision, the knowledge, and the passion to do this. We know he does it because he loves you, and because he loves young people. We pray that you’d protect him, prosper him, and allow many, many lives to be changed through this work. Thank you, that because of Jesus, we do have reasons for Hope! And thank you for giving us the Bible to lead us to you and to our home in heaven. Amen!

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~ Blessings, Heather


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