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Hi! Welcome! If you’re here because you’re looking for the very best and most accessible answers to questions about Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible, then welcome to the Apologetics Road Trip! and thanks for stopping by!

339I spend most of my spare time exploring the fast-growing neighborhood of Internet Apologetics! Traveling with me, whenever possible, is my beaglish hound-puppy, Mordecai. Please join us whenever you can!

PhotoFunia-KEEP CALM BLUEWe live in tough times – but I’m finding out that
God is equipping the Church with talented, passionate believers who are just as tough! These smart thinkers are creating amazing new tools for presenting the timeless truths about Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible.

As apologist Greg Koukl says of Christians, “We can be very competitive in the marketplace of ideas.” 

Apologetics Road Trip
I hope you’ll be encouraged and filled with hope every time the Apologetics Road Trip brings you these resources in simple, manageable info bytes!