Apologetics for Hispanic Friends: 5 Recommendations

This Cinco de Mayo:

Remember your Hispanic friends & neighbors in a way that counts for Eternity!

#1. Master Apologist, William Lane Craig has written ten illustrated booklets to help you teach Christian truth to children and answer some of their deepest questions about God.  Details and ordering here.


#2. Spanish Edition Apologetics Study Bible
Includes articles that highlight key apologetics aspects of each Bible book, profiles of historic Christian apologists, hundreds of apologetics questions, and answers to today’s faith issues written by well-known, contemporary apologists.
Around $40 for a hardcover edition.

#3. Radio Moody
Moody Radio addresses today’s issues from a Biblical worldview.

For solid, Biblically sound programming you can trust, tell your Hispanic friends and neighbors about Moody Radio’s Spanish programming. Now broadcast live in 16 States, or, listen online.

#4. Another great resource is Living Waters Spanish OutreachAguas Vivientes

Although it is primarily evangelism training rather than apologetics per se, apologetics topics are addressed regularly.

The Spanish language version of the movie, Evolution vs God (Evolución vs. Diosis one example. Watch it on YouTube here.

Resources include books, tracts, audio messages, the Basic Training Course, as well as Spanish You Tube and Facebook pages.

#5. Downloadable Apologetics Articles
An increasing number of apologetics ministries have resources available in Spanish.

Here’s one such site with a good selection of articles, covering topics like: Existence of God, Reliability of the Bible, Noah’s Flood, Jesus’ Deity, Cults and false religions, the DaVinci Code, and several others. Access the articles here.

Always Be Ready exists “to equip people with well-researched information on issues that seek to undermine or challenge the truth of Christianity.”


2 thoughts on “Apologetics for Hispanic Friends: 5 Recommendations

  1. Do you have a list of material for children in Spanish and maybe in Portuguese too? Since I am blind, it would be best for me to have audio links or audio books! Please pray that I may learn how to advertise my music so that I may help evangelistic efforts. thanks!

    • Rubens – I’m afraid I don’t know of anything outside of the links I posted here. One of the links in my post was to a Radio station channel, which is available for streaming on the internet. I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, so I’m afraid I probably can’t be of much more use on this – hopefully, you’ll get some good input from other people in the Apologetics for Parents FB group. I will pray for you, and for your music sales. Thanks for contacting me!

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