Bonus Post: Right & Wrong and God by CS Lewis

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Well, it’s time to get back on the road to track down more of the very best answers to questions about Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible, but if you want to linger a little longer, here’s another of those wonderful Youtube Doodles.

“Right and wrong” are just social conditioning…

This time, CS Lewis takes on objections to his Moral Law argument. He discusses the kinds of things you probably hear from your friends all the time: like “right and wrong” are just social conditioning or survival traits that evolved naturally. Lewis disagrees (and shows you how):

(If you didn’t catch the earlier post with Kingsley’s Doodle of the very first Mere Christianity radio broadcast during wartime England, you can find it at this link. (Thanks, Kalman! We’ll definitely be seeing you again.))

And then, don’t go just yet, because, here, just for fun, is an original recording of CS Lewis answering the objection, “How can God listen to a million prayers at once?

I found the video over at apologetics315 – which is definitely a place to visit soon!

Speaking of prayer, let’s do that right now:
Dear Father of Jesus, we’re so glad that you can hear a million prayers at once! We’re especially glad that you can hear our prayers. So, right now, we bring to you our thanks, our worries, our deep hurts and sorrows, our difficult decisions, our loneliness, and our questions. I pray for the friend reading this. I hope they know you as the best friend that ever was, and is. I pray that you would meet their needs. Thank you, Father – we know you have heard us. Amen.

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