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Ever been talking with a friend about God and suddenly wished you could call some kind of Apologetics-911? Then, a friendly expert would appear to rescue you with a short, clear answer!

Your wish is about to be granted! This post features three video series that address that exact problem! Here’s real help for answering questions about Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible! Continue reading

One-Stop Apologetics: Visit these 6 Supersites today!


LocationBookmarksSTART HERE: Apologetics Supersites to Visit – and Bookmark

Want a fast track to finding faith-defending resources and practical help?

Here’s a list of a few great places to start. The first three sites, especially, will quickly bring you up to speed in two ways:

1. They feature the best answers for our times to all the main objections to Christianity, and

2. They analyze current events from a Biblical perspective to help you formulate well-thought out answers to challenges from secular society.

#1. The Poached Egg Greg West

This site is HUGE! It’s also continually updated with content from all over the internet. (Which leads me to a quick disclaimer – I don’t personally endorse every source linked to from the Poached Egg. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of excellent content of all kinds here.)

In the words of founder, Greg West: there is almost nothing this blog does not cover in terms of apologetics resources. (He’s right.) You’ll come away with something good every time you visit!

The Poached Egg is a Christian Worldview and Apologetics Journal, a huge, continually expanding virtual library of articles and essays compiled from all over Internet. The site derives its name from a famous C.S. Lewis quote in Mere Christianity in which Lewis said that a man who claimed to be God {but wasn’t} would be on a level with a man who said he was a poached egg.

I’d highly recommend following The Poached Egg on Twitter (@ThePoachedEgg), Facebook, or subscribing to the daily email digest or the monthly e-newsletter.

And the site’s YouTube Featured Channels is a fantastic gateway to the the best video content on multiple apologetics sites

#2. Apologetics 315 Brian Auten

An equally HUGE site, updated daily. Founded by Brian Auten in 2007, Apologetics 315 is “an accessible and growing repository of educational resources for the defense of the Christian faith.”

Another goal of the site is to serve as a means of networking within the apologetics community. To that end, Brian maintains a Directory of Christian Apologetics Blogs which you can access here.

There is way too much on this well-developed site to mention here, so I recommend that you check it out for yourself. Here are some highlights:

Interviews with 150 Christian apologists
– The 16 best Apologetics Podcasts and the Ultimate Apologetics mp3 Audio Page
– 12 free Apologetics Powerpoint Presentations
you can use!

#3. Cold Case Christianity J. Warner Wallace, “The Evidence Whisperer

This is a very active site, filled with fresh content several times a week. Content includes articles, video, podcasts, radio, and even TV broadcasts.

Former atheist and career homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace is absolutely passionate about what he terms Christian Case-Making. His passion is contagious and his resources are sharp and highly relevant for right now.

It’s worth following him on Twitter because he reads and scans 400 apologetics blogs every day and posts links to the best evidential articles – essentially a Christian “Drudge Report(News aggregation site run by Matt Drudge.).

A highlight is the development of innovative apologetics tools and practical tips for engaging skeptics.  For example, this post helps you see where someone who rejects Christianity is coming from so that you can better reach them with the truth. Another very useful and free resource is the Monthly Bible Insert which you can download here

#4. Probe.org

Probe has been answering apologetics questions for 40 years, and has amassed over 1,800 articles. The staff will also respond to emailed questions in the unlikely event the answer cannot be found in their database.

Probe is also featured on several radio stations and you can listen online or download mp3s of past broadcasts here.

A freebie on the site is a collection of downloadable Powerpoint presentations that you can access here. Topics include Christian Evidences, Bible Reliabily, Current Issues, and resources for children and teens.

#5. Truthbomb Apologetics   Faith Christian Fellowship Williamsport, Maryland

Not as huge as the Supersites, but a good collection of apologetics resources, mostly articles and some video. Founded in 2007, some highlghts are:

The Apologetics Arsenal – links to apologetics questions, organized alphabetically.
-The Free Apologetics e-Book library – great collection. Topics include apologetics, Christian living, logic, and philosophy.

Follow the site on twitter at @TBapologetics.

#6. The Christian Apologetics Alliance

Short, well-written blog posts on every conceivable apologetics topic. Go here for a full list of blog post categories on this site.

The CAA has an active social media presence (for one, a Facebook community of nearly 2,500 apologists where issues of the day and various apologetics issues are robustly debated).

Another feature is the free quarterly magazine, “Equipped”
Launched October, 2014. Themes of the first three volumes are, respectively, Evidence for the Existence of God, Evidence for the Existence of Jesus, and Evidence for the Resurrection.

(Note: For some reason, you’ll need to click on the title of each volume until you download the pdf. The first time you click on the title, it may take you to a screen that looks identical – just persevere and click on the title in the new screen.)

I’m so grateful for the gifted and passionate faith-defenders God has given to us in our times! I hope you will be encouraged and equipped by the resources they have developed.

Before we move on, I’d like to pray for these dedicated men and women – and for you:

Father, thank you for the men and women who love you and your people enough to do the hard work of contending for the truth. Thank you for their sacrifices of time and resources to make these materials available to the Church.

We ask that you would prosper them, protect them, and encourage them. Please give pray silhoette sitthem creative ideas for resources that can be used by ordinary people, give them favor with people both inside and outside the Church, and help them to be very discerning as they study and teach the truth.

Thank you so much that there IS truth, and that you’ve revealed it to us. Thank you that we have some firm ground to stand on in the midst of turbulent, uncertain times.

Father, I pray for myself and for the visitors to these sites: that our hearts and minds would be changed and strengthened by encountering truth and, especially, Truth in the form of your son, Jesus. I pray that you would make him precious to us as he is to you, and as we are to you.

I pray that we would know the truth more and more, and that it would keep setting us free until we are fully conformed to the image of Jesus. Thank you for this glorious hope!

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Apologetics for Hispanic Friends: 5 Recommendations

This Cinco de Mayo:

Remember your Hispanic friends & neighbors in a way that counts for Eternity!

#1. Master Apologist, William Lane Craig has written ten illustrated booklets to help you teach Christian truth to children and answer some of their deepest questions about God.  Details and ordering here.


#2. Spanish Edition Apologetics Study Bible
Includes articles that highlight key apologetics aspects of each Bible book, profiles of historic Christian apologists, hundreds of apologetics questions, and answers to today’s faith issues written by well-known, contemporary apologists.
Around $40 for a hardcover edition. Continue reading

Neighborhood Apologetics: 6 Creation Movie Night Picks

3D-Glasses-3-by-Merlin2525{Why not} Host a Creation Movie Night?

Chillax with Compelling Content, Great Snacks & Real People

“Neighborhood Apologetics” is for real people in a natural, friendly setting. It’s for your friends and neighbors, not hostile academics or internet trolls.

Just pop the corn (and pray)
So, while you pop the corn and order the pizza – these high-quality, engaging movies do {at least some} of the heavy lifting.


Here are my 6 current picks – what’s your favorite Creation movie?
Share a link in the comments or on the Apologetics Road Trip Facebook fan page!

Pick #1. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels  (96 min).

This brand new (2014) release simply and concisely exposes Evolution’s fatal weaknesses. Devastating critiques of Evolution by 15 scientists with Ph.D’s earned at secular universities.

A comprehensive outreach tool that will cause at least some evolution-believers to sit up and listen.

Buy on Amazon (DVD or BlueRay), or directly from Creation Ministries International.

Also available in book form, and, for small group or individual follow-up, you can download a free study guide here.

Pick #2a. A Freebie, from Living Waters (38 min)
Ray Comfort’s 38 min short film, Evolution vs God, boldly interviews leading and aspiring evolutionists – and finds their answers wanting:

Pick #2b. (For a similar type of film, check out Ben Stiller’s exposé of the Evolution camp’s attacks on academic freedom in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Available for $2.99 rental or for $13.99 purchase.)

Pick #3. Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution – 60 min

These are so much fun! Great for kids of all ages! Former atheist professor, Dr Jobe Martin, introduces us to the design features of intriguing animals.

So many things I’d never thought about – so many design problems with such elegantly engineered solutions. Like: Why don’t giraffes get light-headed when they stand up after drinking? How do woodpeckers not shatter their beaks? How can beavers swim straight in a fast-flowing river while dragging a heavy tree branch?

Rent it here (instant access; $1.99 for 7 days) or buy individual DVDs or a nice gift boxed set of 3.

Pick #4. Superior “Intelligent Design” Films: 5-in-1  (approx 65 min each)

These 5 high-quality documentary films (broadcast on PBS and translated into more than 20 languages) present the scientific case for intelligent design with engaging, entertaining computer animations and tight logic that will at least make you think and definitely make you marvel.

DVD 1: UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF LIFE  and DVD 2: WHERE DOES THE EVIDENCE LEAD transport you inside a living cell to witness jaw-dropping complexity, forever debunks the “simple cell” idea.”
“You go where the data leads you…”

DVD 3: PRIVILEGED PLANET “there’s something about the universe that can’t be explained by the impersonal forces of nature..”.

DVD 4: DARWIN’S DILEMMA considers the geologically-sudden appearance of dozens of major complex animal types in the fossil record without any trace of the gradual transitional steps Charles Darwin had predicted.

DVD 5: THE CASE FOR A CREATOR “Today, science is pointing more directly and more powerfully toward a Creator than any other time in the history of the world.” – Lee Strobel, former atheist and investigative journalist, documents his journey to faith as he followed the evidence.

Buy individual DVD’s or this Intelligent Design Collection directly from Illustra Media and use Coupon Code YTIM15 to save 15%!

Or Rent on Amazon – or Buy for one Low Price (approx $30) for all 5 films!

Pick #5. Origins – How the World Came to Be  – 6 videos, each 30 min

Highly acclaimed and popular creation series – features 15 outstanding men of science and is endorsed by leading apologists and Bible teachers like Henry Morris, Ken Ham, John Whitcomb, and Tim LaHaye.

Josh McDowell calls it a not-to-be-missed “powerful film series…”.

Easily rivals the beauty of a National Geographic or PBS special.
Generous showing rights included with DVD.

The 6 titles in the series are:
1. Origin of the Universe, 2. Earth – a Young Planet, 3. Origin of Life, 4. Origin of Species, 5. Origin of Mankind, and 6. The Fossil Record

Also available in Spanish and French.

Pick #6.  A Question of Origins – 60 minutes
You can watch a
Free Preview of the entire movie here or, for $19, grab your own copy.
Also available in multiple languages.


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15 Free & Nearly-Free Creation Magazines

Peileppe-red-fruit-treeCreation Magazine Bonanza!

bo·nan·za (noun):
1. event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits
2. a large amount of something desirable

There are Creation Magazines and Creationist organizations all over the world!

This week’s road trip took me to the UK, Canada, Australia and all over the USA. The reward – a nice-size stack of free and nearly-free publications – ten popular-level and five technical, pro-level. Enjoy!

Bronze-DNA-icon#1. Acts and Facts
Monthly, full color news magazine published by ICR (the Institute for Creation Research).

Creation, Evolution, and related topics. 100% free sign up for print or digital editions, or read current and archived issues online.

#2. Creation Magazine (since 1978)
Quarterly 56-page full-color family magazine refutes Evolution, presents the true history of the world as found in Genesis. Nature, history, science, the Bible, and related subjects.Dino-Footprint

Great answers to defend your faith; easy conversation starter for skeptical friends. Beautiful, God-honoring, and content-rich. Subscribe for $25 pa (print) or $19 (digital) or access the selected free articles from the archives.

Gerald-G-Creation-Days-Numbers-5#3. Answers Magazine

Quarterly worldview magazine published by Answers in GenesisFull color, award-winning. Pull-out Kids section.

Normally $8 per issue; 25% discounts on subscriptions.

#4. Creation Illustrated (since 1993)


Bible-based Nature Journal.
The Christian answer to National Geographic
Subscription 1 year (4 issues) – $19.95, or 25% discount

FREE Trial Issue.
Other Freebies Newsletter, Devotionals, Special Offers.

#5. Nature Friend Magazine (since 1983)

Creation-based, monthly nature magazine for children Nature-Kid02that the whole family will enjoy.

Helping families explore the wonders of God’s creation. Each issue costs less than one fast-food meal

1 year subscription (12 issues for $3.20 each)  $38.00

Read a sample issue here.

 Journal of the Creation Science Movement (founded 1932!)

Anonymous-Flag-of-Britain-1Quarterly journal, current commentaries on creation issues, notices of creation meetings around the UK and reviews of articles in technical journals where they have a connection with creation and Christian topics.

Back issues free to download

The Creation Science Movement also publishes a pamphlet on Creation evidences every alternate month. This, and 4 issues of the Journal are sent to members for annual subscriptions of  £10 (UK) or £13 Sterling (international orders).

Note: The Creation Science Movement was founded in 1932 as “The Evolution Protest Movement” by a small group of Christians concerned by the propaganda that was promoting the theory of evolution as if scientifically proven (!).

#7. Origins (since 1976)struzzo

Journal of the Biblical Creation Society, published three times a year. Seeks to think through issues related to origins from a coherent Biblical and scientific standpoint.

Current issue £5.00

Free sample articles:
Darwin’s struggles with the problem of evil

Why evolutionism is wrong and creation is right (*title responds to atheist article!)

The ostrich: a wonder of God’s creation

#8. The Creation Science Dialogue (since 1985)Canadian-Flag-2-by-Merlin2525

Quarterly, full color newsletter, published by the Creation Science Association of Alberta (CSAA).
Re-examination of science from a young earth perspective and to the discussion of the creation and evolution models. Includes topics not covered in other publications; also has section for younger readers.

Subscription is $8 per year (Canada) – contact CSAA.

Lots of free options – this is a great site:
Digital subscription
Free pdfs: current issue
Free pdfs: archives back to 2003
Searchable articles

scientist#9. Creation Matters (since 1996)

Bimonthly, popular-level
publication of the Creation Research Society. General and scientific news of interest to creationists.

All back issues of Creation Matters 1998 to 2014 available as free pdf downloads

Annual membership ($31 or $38) includes:
 CRSQ Journal (4 issues, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring).
– Creation Matters popular publication (typically 6 issues).
– Access to full archive of past CRSQ and Creation Matters.
– Membership pricing at online store at significant discounts.
Membership dues: $31 per year paperless; $38 print

#10. Three Free Newsletters published by Creation Research:

Emailed weekly. Latest discoveries and evidence for Creation and against evolution.
Sample Evidence News and Archive 

Quarterly (online only outside Aus & NZ). Contains different information than Evidence News or e-Prayer Ministry News. Sample Creation Print News 

Encouraging ministry updates about Creation Research’s ministry around the world. Sample e-Prayer Ministry News

Additional Free resources here

Mammoth-nobg#11. Creation Research Society Quarterly Journal (since 1964)

Peer-reviewed by degreed scientists, world-wide circulation.
Scientific evidence supporting intelligent design, recent creation, catastrophic worldwide flood.

Selected articles and all abstracts are available, free, in printable form.

Membership subscriptions ($31 digital, $38 print):
include the Journal, the popular publication, Creation Matters, access to all archives, discounts on CRS conferences and in the online bookstore, and access to the CRSnet discussion forum.

1298097500 #12.  Answers Research Journal  (online, technical, since 2008)

Professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework.

All published papers may be freely copied, downloaded, quoted, and distributed for non-commercial and non-sale purposes.

#13. Journal of Creation (since 1984)

Butterfly-02-Turquoise-BlueCurrent creation research, in-depth material from many experts in their field.

Wide range of topics includes philosophy, theology, history, archaeology, social sciences.

Develops rigorously logical, biblically-consistent, models; points out the latest flaws in evolutionary arguments.

A one-year subscription ($39) includes three issues, each around 120+ pages

Selected articles in the archives free (donations welcomed, Journal carries no adverts).

pithhelmet#14. Journal of Creation Theology and Science

100% Free – open access, online

Joint publication of the Creation Biology Society and the Creation Geology Society.

jetxee-people-near-a-blackboard#15. Free pdf articles (limited number) (since 2013)

Published by Core Academy of Science*.
Brief articles give an understable look at some aspect of faith, science, or the interaction of the two.

Also, a free newsletter with monthly give-aways for subscribers.

Core Academy of Science provides online and onsite science educational programs for learners from middle school through postgraduate studies. Scientists and scholars who are actively engaged in original research supervise all educational programs, with a special emphasis on resolving the creation/evolution debate.



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Learn Genesis in 5 minutes!

“The Bible: a profound and very beautiful book…” – Tim Mackie 

Apologetics Road Trip

but it’s also:
– a very looong book
– often confusing
– and just intimidating overall

Today’s Road Trip Discovery, The Bible Project, is here to help.

Premium, free, and accessible
The Bible Project is ambitious: the whole Bible broken down into 5-minute animated videos. Exactly the kind of resource we’re on the road to find: premium, 100% free, and engagingly accessible!

An antidote to Bible illiteracy?
Don’t know about you, but I think that if more people knew what the Bible actually said, they would find answers to a lot of their faith questions. We live in a time of extreme Bible illiteracy – and any resources that can turn that around are worth getting excited about.

Talented team
Speaking of which – I’m excited to introduce you today to Tim Mackie, and the rest of the highly qualified, talented creatives of The Bible Project team, Jon CollinsGerry Breshears and (just joined) Jason Brubaker. See the quality of their work for yourself in this animated walk-through of Genesis 1 to 11:

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did – can’t wait to see the rest of the series! Well, actually – let’s not wait: here’s one more. This one gives an overview of the whole Bible, a walk through of the Messiah from Genesis to Revelation:

Is the Bible really that big of a deal?
In today’s Biblically illiterate world, people not only don’t know the content, but they generally don’t know how the human race came to have the Bible, or its unsurpassed role in history. The Bible makes some extraordinary claims – the most amazing of which is that it claims to be alive!

Bronze Age script? World’s Best-selling Book?
Before we get back on the road (or sneak off to watch more of The Bible Project’s animations), there’s time for just one fact that might suggest there’s something special about the Bible. On its own, it doesn’t prove all that much, but it can’t just be swept aside either. Here it is:

“Although it’s impossible to obtain exact figures, there is little doubt that the Bible is the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book.”- The Guinness Book of Records.  Some years ago, Russell Ash’s Top 10 of Everything List said that 6 Billion Bibles had been printed – at least six times more than the book in the #2 spot.

Unsurprisingly, skeptics have disputed these numbers or said, “So what?” No time to debate them today, but, down the road, we’ll revisit the issue. I’ll do my best to find the very best answers to questions about the Bible and its unmatched position in human history and in the hearts of millions.

The Bible and you
What about you? What’s your relationship to the Bible – is it a book you love or do you find it strange, difficult or dry? I’d love to hear from you if you can recommend resources that showcase the uniqueness of the Bible. And please let me know what questions the Road Trip should find answers for, either for yourself or people you know!

“A man can’t be always defending the truth; there must be a time to feed on it.”
– C.S. Lewis

Pray with me:
Father, thank you for giving the world this amazing, precious treasure. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about yourself, about how you made the world and what’s going to happen to it. Thank you for explaining to us why it is the way it is – and how to live in in. Thank you for preserving these ancient words to give us hope and life. Thank you, most of all, for showing us in its pages the secret of eternal life and the way to heaven. And thank you for writing so many times that you love us.

We pray for the people who’ve given their lives to guard and distribute the Bible, and for the people around the world today who risk their lives just to read it or teach it. We pray for that special group of men and women who are racing against time to translate the Scriptures into the heart language of people groups and tribes still waiting for the Good News. And, Father, for ourselves, we pray that you’d help us to desire the pure milk of your Word so that we can grow, and then the bread and meat of your Word so that we can become mature. We ask in the name of your Son, Jesus, the Living Word who was with You in the beginning. Amen.

Thanks for visiting! If this is your first time, the About & Welcome page will quickly bring you up to speed; search & navigation tips are here, and the Trip Log  is a hyperlinked list of all the posts from Day One. To send me a message, use this Quick Contact box (or from the top menu bar). Feel free to leave a reply; comments are welcome (but filtered to keep out spammers and trolls).

“God is Love”: a uniquely Christian Idea

Where does the Idea of a Loving God come from?heart

@apoloJTXroad #7

Not everybody believes in God, but, according to Tim Keller, most people agree that if there is a God, he’s a god of love.

But, – where does this idea come from?

[Tim Keller pastors a church of sophisticated urban professionals in Manhattan, and he wrote the NY Times bestsellers, The Reason for God and Prodigal God.]

In an archived sermon on Psalm 107, Keller examines 3 possible sources for the concept of a loving God:

auidio cd

1. the idea comes from history, from ancient times
2. the idea is common to all religions
3. the idea is drawn from observations of Nature

Spoiler alert: none of these proposed sources prove to be correct:

1. In ancient times, “gods” were seen to be fearful, capricious beings
2. In all religions but one, the idea of a benevolent deity with whom ordinary people can have a personal, loving relationship is absurd, unheard of, even sacrilegious
3. Nature is not all beauty and love – close observation. in fact, reveals disturbing, even horrific aspects














We know “God is love” by Revelation
So, if the original idea of a loving God is not found in human history, world religions, or the natural world – how has it come into human consciousness? wsnaccad-moses-and-the-burning-bush-chibi-versionIt turns out that the answer is “by revelation.”

As Psalm 107 explains, God has revealed his love to us by his deeds and his words about his own character.  These are written revelations in a collection of 66 books, collectively known as The Bible.

“God is love” must be understood in context
Keller explains in his Psalm 107 apologetic that God’s love only makes sense inside the framework of Creation, Fall, Redemption. For an explanation of how that works, access this talk in his extensive, free sermon archive.

God and his love are complex
Keller’s last main point is that God is a complex character in the literary sense. He is at once Father, King, Lover, and Friend. Of course such a being is impossible to fit into our minds, so we tend to reshape him into a more manageable “god.” HolyCommunion

But this caricature doesn’t exist – and if we waste time looking for it, we will never encounter the true God of Love. We will remain alone and untransformed.

{In your deep heart}, are you looking for a loving God?
If, deep down, you’re looking for a loving God, Keller points out, as kindly as he can, “You can’t find [him] by communing with your own heart or with nature.”

Oxytocin & Survival of the Fittest
A short post-script: naturalistic Evolution, having no room for God, and eager to offer a biological basis for human love, says it (love) is the product of chemicals and the instinct to preserve the species.

Try the Bible. It really does make a lot more sense.


I love you heart

CS Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” – delightfully repackaged!

“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” – CS Lewis

apoloJTXroad STOP#2

Well, my earlier post was about something new – so, today, let’s look at something old. Old, but still gold. 🙂 We’re stopping for a quick look at a true classic, the gold standard for a logical defense of Christianity: CS Lewis’ little book, Mere Christianity.

CS Lewis: Christianity is logical, reasonable
In our times, CS Lewis (1898 – 1963) is better known as the author of the Narnia series than as the writer of brilliant, faith-defending essays. But, arguably, essay writing was where his true genius lay. He used his Oxford-trained mind to take big ideas about God and faith and make them easy to understand; his simple but powerful arguments have convinced millions of people that Christianity is a very logical, reasonable faith. Many of these people, as Lewis himself, have then become true converts by opening up their lives to the God of the Christian faith; once they were blind, but Lewis’ words helped them see.

What is Mere Christianity about?
The book, published in 1952, grew out of a series of radio broadcasts that Lewis was asked to do from 1941 to 1943, during World War Two, at a time when the war was going badly for England and her allies. Not everyone was a fan of the show, but, for many people, the focus on the reality of God brought hope. In the words of Air Chief Marshal Sir Donald Hardman, “We needed, many of us, a key to the meaning of the universe. Lewis provided just that.”  

Mere Christianity – Animated!! (Art Geeks, you’ll love this!)
Here’s a creative and classy repackaging of the first of those broadcasts (complete with air raid sirens and marching Nazis) by New Zealand artist, Kalman Kingsley. I think you’ll enjoy this wonderful, whimsical animation that Kingsley has paired with an audio narration of Chapter One of M.C. The narration is a BBC recreation of the originals; if you want to listen to Lewis himself, go to this week’s bonus post to hear him answer the question, “How can there be a God – surely, it would be impossible to hear millions of people praying all at one time?”

“Own” it! Mere Christianity free study guide and free book downloads
 If you’re new to Mere Christianity, don’t worry too much if the logic comes at you a bit fast; just enjoy it.

Resources for mastering the actual content of the book are listed at the end of this post: there are tons of options: free and paid, print, digital, and audio versions, as well as study guides and Bible studies.

But, now, dim the lights; the video’s ready:

If you liked this free video (and want to see more!), drop by the artist’s YouTube channel.

Note: all CS Lewis’ works became public domain in 2014 in countries where copyright expires 50 years after the creator’s death. (Lewis died on Nov 22, 1963, the same day JFK was assassinated.)

Mind if I pray for you before we hit the road again?
Dear Father God, we thank you for giving CS Lewis to the human family. Thank you for the treasures he left behind – for the Narnia stories and for the words in his books that help us to think more clearly about things that really matter. We pray that you would raise up many more defenders of the faith who love you and, who, like Jesus himself, speak in ways that common people can hear gladly. I pray now for this reader whom you see – for each traveler on this road trip, that you would shower blessings on them, open the eyes of their hearts, and release their gifts to bless the world. Lord, these are difficult times, and we need every part of the Body to function well. We pray in the sweet name of Jesus, Amen.

Free Mere Christianity Study Guides:
1. Here’s a nice one from the CS Lewis Foundation.
2. And one here from the CS Lewis Institute that’s recommended for small group discussion.
3. And here is one blogger’s series entitled Mere Christianity: Simplified.

Free Mere Christianity pdf books:
1. E-book in pdf format from Church Leaders.com
2. The CS Lewis Reading room of Tyndale Seminary, California, is “designed to help make writings on and by C.S. Lewis available to those without easy access to a university library” and houses both print and audio versions of Mere Christianity.

Paid Versions
Included are ones that are affordable, nice to have on your bookshelf, or make great gifts
1. Print book
2. Kindle book
3. Audiobook
4. Bible study
5. One Year Daily Readings from CS Lewis

Free Mere Christianity audio
1. With outline, at Truth According to Scripture, a Christian outreach site maintained by Mesa Biblical Church, California.

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Resource Jackpot! One-Minute Arguments for Christianity!


A One-minute answer to the “Does God Exist?” question

apoloJTXroad STOP#1

apoloJTXroad STOP#1

Well, our very first stop on the internet highway and already our first premium, free, and accessible resource:

Bobby Conway’s YouTube Channel serving up “credible answers to curious questions” offers one-minute arguments for Christianity.

Even the most indifferent skeptic might be persuaded to watch these. They’re a bit longer than a minute, but close enough. There are 8 videos in this particular series; here, Conway’s guest takes on the “Does God Exist?” question. Obviously, a lot of the arguments would need slightly more explaining, but there’s enough to get you started.

As Alex Mac says, the best answer for Creation, Conscience, Scripture, Savior is “God.”

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