The Fastest Start to Internet Apologetics for even the Absolute Beginner!

“What are the Best Internet Apologetics Sites?”

I’ve been asked this question twice this week – so, even though it’s almost certainly been answered before, here’s a short list of 4 Gateway Sites for the absolute beginner:

The Poached Egg is a massive virtual library of searchable internet apologetics content. Updated several times daily. Easy to navigate; great place to start. I follow it on Twitter –@ThePoachedegg.

(Speaking of Twitter – try the hashtag, #apologetics for a live stream from the active apologetics community. And then, once you know you way around a bit, a really worthwhile twitter “follow” is Jim Wallace of Cold Case Christianity – he scans 400 apologetics blogs every day and posts links to the most useful ones. Follow @jwarnerwallace.)

Apologetics 315 is also a huge repository of internet apologetics teaching materials (articles, videos, audio, interviews with apologists, and many more). It also has several directories and lists (100 Christian Apologists, Top 16 Podcasts, Directory of Christian Apologetics Blogs, an Apologetics Reading Plan for beginners, an Ultimate MP3 Audio page, and a Basic Logic Primer).

Truthbomb Apologetics has a Free virtual Apologetics Library and an Apologetics Arsenal.

The Christian Apologetics Alliance is an active network of apologists.

Also, you might try their dedicated Christian Apologetics Search Engine – it’s called CASE Google Custom Search. It will save you a lot of time by filtering out irrelevant content and taking you straight to reliable apologetics content on the web. (Use the second search box – the one that says “Custom Search.”)

Any one of these websites will give you a solid start to finding a ton of free, useful content.  Happy hunting, and have fun connecting with the big names and the little guys in the fast-growing neighborhood of internet apologetics!

Hope that’s helpful, let me know,

~ Heather

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