Adventure; don’t settle: Inspiring Words for Jaded Apologists

Elixir #3 of 3: A Young Woman’s Poetic and Passionate Call to Live Dangerous, Colorful Livesmug-219844_1280

These beautifully written, galvanizing words took my heart on a soaring adventure over the whole earth, as if on the wings of a giant, friendly eagle!

From the pen of a 20-something young woman, comes a passionate call to always love adventure, and especially the Greatest Adventure of all.

Here’s the magical opening paragraph:

My Dear Children,
You want to set off over mountains hatted in mist and recover the golden hoards of kings. You want to sprout the magic beans and chase a splendid princess right into the heart of an adventure. You want to press through the wardrobe and shatter the wand in the hands of the witch, and go thundering after the white stag of wishes in the forest of forgotten things. You want get your hands on the giant’s heart. You want to come home cradled in an eagle’s talons. You want to take a little coracle over the white wall of foam at the end of the world….

Read the rest of it here

Thank you, Bryana Joy, for this stirring, most memorable piece of art.  My adventure-loving soul was awakened and thoroughly delighted by your words and thoughts.

This world,” said G.K. Chesterton, “can be made beautiful again by beholding it as a battlefield.” 
Do you see Apologetics as an adventure or a battle? Do you see it as being “of grand significance and laced with risks”?

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