More Refreshing Encounters for the Apologetics Soul

Good news from a far country – water to a thirsty soul.:

iced-tea-992838_1280Elixir #2 of 3: The Christian Thinkers Society and “UNanswered”
Just knowing there’s a Christian Thinkers Society put a smile on my face! I heard about it on Christian radio – which was also where I learned of its founder, Dr. Jeremiah Johnston. I’m always encouraged to hear about another Apologetics Champion – especially one fighting with all his might and winning victories. It’s those kinds of reports that keep us little guys going.
The particular battle line Dr. Johnston is fighting along most fiercely is the one that runs right down the middle of the church. There’s a real need for apologetics resources for people inside the church. In Johnston’s experience, believers’ questions are not quite the same as the questions of atheists, skeptics, and seekers – people outside the church.

Johnston and his team have gathered thousands (!) of questions from Christians who don’t have satisfying answers, either because they’re afraid to ask or because their church won’t or can’t answer. Christian bookstores, says Johnston, are also “answer-lite.” This is a serious problem, because faith questions that go unanswered are seeds of doubt that can grow into faith-wrecking weeds. Johnston’s book, “Unanswered,” doesn’t actually claim to have all the answers, but fills a gap in the market “to begin a healthy discussion in the church.” There are six categories of questions in the book, including the problems of God’s silence and of suffering, the paranormal, and mental health issues.

For the remaining categories, and to download the free first chapter of “Unanswered,” click here. 

What do you think of UNanswered?

Do you think Dr. Johnston is right and that we need to pay more attention to apologetics INside the Church – or, if you’re already engaged in such a ministry, what things are working well in your local church to meet such needs?

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