Neighborhood Apologetics: 6 Creation Movie Night Picks

3D-Glasses-3-by-Merlin2525{Why not} Host a Creation Movie Night?

Chillax with Compelling Content, Great Snacks & Real People

“Neighborhood Apologetics” is for real people in a natural, friendly setting. It’s for your friends and neighbors, not hostile academics or internet trolls.

Just pop the corn (and pray)
So, while you pop the corn and order the pizza – these high-quality, engaging movies do {at least some} of the heavy lifting.


Here are my 6 current picks – what’s your favorite Creation movie?
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Pick #1. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels  (96 min).

This brand new (2014) release simply and concisely exposes Evolution’s fatal weaknesses. Devastating critiques of Evolution by 15 scientists with Ph.D’s earned at secular universities.

A comprehensive outreach tool that will cause at least some evolution-believers to sit up and listen.

Buy on Amazon (DVD or BlueRay), or directly from Creation Ministries International.

Also available in book form, and, for small group or individual follow-up, you can download a free study guide here.

Pick #2a. A Freebie, from Living Waters (38 min)
Ray Comfort’s 38 min short film, Evolution vs God, boldly interviews leading and aspiring evolutionists – and finds their answers wanting:

Pick #2b. (For a similar type of film, check out Ben Stiller’s exposé of the Evolution camp’s attacks on academic freedom in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Available for $2.99 rental or for $13.99 purchase.)

Pick #3. Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution – 60 min

These are so much fun! Great for kids of all ages! Former atheist professor, Dr Jobe Martin, introduces us to the design features of intriguing animals.

So many things I’d never thought about – so many design problems with such elegantly engineered solutions. Like: Why don’t giraffes get light-headed when they stand up after drinking? How do woodpeckers not shatter their beaks? How can beavers swim straight in a fast-flowing river while dragging a heavy tree branch?

Rent it here (instant access; $1.99 for 7 days) or buy individual DVDs or a nice gift boxed set of 3.

Pick #4. Superior “Intelligent Design” Films: 5-in-1  (approx 65 min each)

These 5 high-quality documentary films (broadcast on PBS and translated into more than 20 languages) present the scientific case for intelligent design with engaging, entertaining computer animations and tight logic that will at least make you think and definitely make you marvel.

DVD 1: UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF LIFE  and DVD 2: WHERE DOES THE EVIDENCE LEAD transport you inside a living cell to witness jaw-dropping complexity, forever debunks the “simple cell” idea.”
“You go where the data leads you…”

DVD 3: PRIVILEGED PLANET “there’s something about the universe that can’t be explained by the impersonal forces of nature..”.

DVD 4: DARWIN’S DILEMMA considers the geologically-sudden appearance of dozens of major complex animal types in the fossil record without any trace of the gradual transitional steps Charles Darwin had predicted.

DVD 5: THE CASE FOR A CREATOR “Today, science is pointing more directly and more powerfully toward a Creator than any other time in the history of the world.” – Lee Strobel, former atheist and investigative journalist, documents his journey to faith as he followed the evidence.

Buy individual DVD’s or this Intelligent Design Collection directly from Illustra Media and use Coupon Code YTIM15 to save 15%!

Or Rent on Amazon – or Buy for one Low Price (approx $30) for all 5 films!

Pick #5. Origins – How the World Came to Be  – 6 videos, each 30 min

Highly acclaimed and popular creation series – features 15 outstanding men of science and is endorsed by leading apologists and Bible teachers like Henry Morris, Ken Ham, John Whitcomb, and Tim LaHaye.

Josh McDowell calls it a not-to-be-missed “powerful film series…”.

Easily rivals the beauty of a National Geographic or PBS special.
Generous showing rights included with DVD.

The 6 titles in the series are:
1. Origin of the Universe, 2. Earth – a Young Planet, 3. Origin of Life, 4. Origin of Species, 5. Origin of Mankind, and 6. The Fossil Record

Also available in Spanish and French.

Pick #6.  A Question of Origins – 60 minutes
You can watch a
Free Preview of the entire movie here or, for $19, grab your own copy.
Also available in multiple languages.


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