3 Refreshing Encounters to Revive your Apologetics Soul

Apologetics Soul, are you Weary and Troubled?

pencil-drawing-416438_1280Imagine, if you will, a cold, grey January in the wake of a lackluster end-of-year funding appeal season. Hypothetically, I mean. Suppose, further, that your blog stats are plummeting with the Dow, and the needle on your “Lives Changed” Meter still hasn’t budged. What if you’ve trudged the Truth Trail enough times to know that the only things out there are the same questions, the same lies, and the same lousy logic? Sigh. Your tired brain runs all night long like a hamster on the wheel of familiar arguments. Your dreams drone on with rehearsed rebuttals, endlessly shot down by the rhetoric of fools. The Church continues to flatline, even after “40 Days of Evil” on the planet and the now-deafening clamor of secular culture. The barbarians are at the gates and in the house and everywhere – and, still, she slumbers. What if you see that you’ve been chasing the wind? The wind that now whistles through your desolate soul? Wait! – don’t go!

At the Corner of Bleak & Blah
I started in that bleak place this year, my courage all leaked out and my mind spinning like summer tires on Wisconsin ice. But, I puttered around the virtual apologetics neighborhood anyway. I lurked on the edges of my usual haunts and sniffed at the apologetics content of my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I drove slowly by the mall of apologetics megasites. But I had no appetite for any of it. I was too tired to engage with new ideas and wearied by familiar ones.

From Smoldering to Sparkling
Then – I forget where – but something sparkling caught my eye. And, after that, another, and then a third. I pray that you’ll be refreshed by the passion and clarity of these writings. For me, the smoldering wick of my apologetics fervor has been fanned into flames by keeping company for a few moments with these noble souls. These are men and women who run with the horses, who have not bowed the knee to satan – and their example spurs me on toward love and good deeds.

Three Elixirs of Truth
 Elixir #1 of 3:lime-907124_1280  A Lifestyle of Peace:

Justin Steckbauer  is a passionate, powerful (and prolific) writer. He seems to be a man in a hurry – living an impossible number of lives simultaneously. He’s adamant that “a Christian today must be an activist,” which is just the kind of Braveheartish call to arms that resonates in my deep soul.

His posts are epic, with an impressive depth of research. For example, in Keystones to Christian Awakening: Reclaiming America in the Wake of a Progressive Nightmare, he lists 25 books that will help anyone know the now-buried truths about western civilization. Truths, he (rightly) says, that are hidden from a generation raised in “the pale orthodoxy of the public school and the secular university.” In the same epic post, he argues that, in order to effect “a bold transformation of our current culture,” we must be “creative, defiant, and dogged in our determination.” He lists five initial strategies, the first of which is, Be a Christian social media juggernaut. His second big-thinking strategy, to redeem Cable TV, includes a dream list of 12 Christian channels. Imagine! Useful tools you can grab from other posts are 50 Prayer Requests for 2016 and his side-by-side comparison of nine beliefs of the Christian Worldview and Current Society.

Thank you, Justin Steckbauer, for reminding me that our Christian Faith is vivacious among the pretenders. I remember now that our Christian Truth is redemptive and robust. The broken chords of my heart now vibrate once more. A simple song from long ago rises from the darkness to my lips:

“I’ll shout it from the mountain top
I want my world to know
The Lord of love has come to me
I want to pass it on.

What about you: What makes your Apologetics Soul weary?

How do you find refreshment when you’re at the Corner of Bleak & Blah?

For more Refreshing Encounters, Elixirs #2 and #3, click here and here.

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