An Atheist’s Story: Chilling Insights

The Landscape of Unbelief: Meet David WoodApologetics Road Trip
I promised at the outset of the Road Trip that we’d try and talk to people who haven’t accepted the claims of Jesus or the Bible: here, atheist David Wood tells his story.

In this video, he chronicles the logical implications of atheism and, chillingly, his journey across the landscape of unbelief.

His life story is extreme; the unbelievers you and I know won’t do the kinds of things Wood did – as he says, “most atheists live normal lives.”  But, as he also says, “why bother?”

Visit David’s ministry website, Acts 17 Apologetics, to hear from a few more atheists and former atheists. He also has general apologetics resources (mainly video) and several posts that focus on either Islam or militant atheism.

Don’t know about you, but I can’t say anything that would add to this story. But I am moved to pray:

Sovereign, Savior God,
We are reminded that you alone are good. We remember that you are our only hope of rescue – and that without you, our lives have no purpose. You are our anchor, our hope, our life. We are reminded that the human race without your grace is horrific and doomed to dark slavery, not glorious freedom. We are also reminded that you are the loving, forgiving, horizon-scanning father of even the worst prodigals.

Thank you that you keep seeking your lost sons and daughters even when we spit in your face, warp your image in us, and turn our backs on you. Help us to remember that none of us can boast that we’re naturally good; that none of us naturally loves or even wants you. Help us to be as relentless as you in setting the captives free, grateful every moment that you have set us free and given us abundant life.

Thank you that Jesus left heaven to come and bring us home. Help us to use our time here to bring many more sons to glory. Amen.



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