The Fastest Start to Internet Apologetics for even the Absolute Beginner!

“What are the Best Internet Apologetics Sites?”

I’ve been asked this question twice this week – so, even though it’s almost certainly been answered before, here’s a short list of 4 Gateway Sites for the absolute beginner:

The Poached Egg┬áis a massive virtual library of searchable internet apologetics content. Updated several times daily. Easy to navigate; great place to start. I follow it on Twitter –@ThePoachedegg.

(Speaking of Twitter – try the hashtag, #apologetics for a live stream from the active apologetics community. And then, once you know you way around a bit, a really worthwhile twitter “follow” is Jim Wallace of Cold Case Christianity – he scans 400 apologetics blogs every day and posts links to the most useful ones. Follow @jwarnerwallace.) Continue reading